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Look the part, be professional..

Making a good impression with your clients and prospects is important. Send out the right signals with a conversion focused website.  Your online presence makes it easier for more people to find you. A business website increases your authority and inspires more confidence in potential prospects.

Tell a clear and compelling story

Present your story in a way that gets your visitors engaged. You can have people visiting your site  24/7/365. Selling, informing and helping them whilst you are on holiday or asleep.  Keeping your information fresh and updated is easy. It's like having a salesperson working for you day and night. Without having to pay them!!

Present your message on all devices.

Responsive design is crucial today. More than 50% of all search is done on mobile. And the numbers are growing. Slick design that is geared for a superb user experience. Your ability to impress with real quick responses to enquiries is what can make the difference between getting the deal or losing it forever.  Functionality that works seamlessly on line -Your client can Hit a "Button" to call, get driving directions or send messages. Speed and convenience in your prospects hands.

Open to the world!

As your business grows, your website can add huge value. Reputation, "Goodwill" and Brand. Your website can add 30% extra to the sale of your business. We have resources to help you manage and grow your reach;

Automation, CRM, email campaigns, sales funnels and much more. 

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Best Offer


5 Sections;

> Home - Services - About - Contact - Privacy/ Terms/ Disclaimer.


> Site Security

> Backups daily

> 3 email addresses

> 2 Forms for appointments, orders, quotes.

> Mobile and tablet friendly

> Links to your Social Media

> Set to allow 3rd party integration. Emailing, newsletters, campaigns etc.

>> Live in 7 days! - Exclusive to this plan.

Best value. 

R 3,980.00

What's included.


Your site built on the best and most flexible platform. You will always own your site and never be held hostage to web developers or tech geeks.


Hosting on a linux server, 99.9% uptime. Unlimited bandwidth. Fast load times and top security.


Find your perfect name. Secure your Name and Brand, protect your interests. 

Pricing- Offer

  Was R5,750.00 

Offer until 5th AUGUST 2020 -  T & C's apply.  

Rent to Own

Simple, fast and effective flexible. Once off  starting fee R1,580.00, then..

R 285.00


  • Website design, layout & launch Pages 
  • Hosting shared server
  • 5 "pages" of content 
  • Free Domain 1st year
  • Superfast with Security
  • 5 email addresses
  • Social media integration

Monthly hosting, from R85.00 pm. 1st year

Offer Expires in..

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The form below will help get you started. Tell us a bit about your business. What would you like to achieve? What are some of your hardest challenges at the moment. How do you expect a website to help you? 

Don't overthink it, put it down as simply as possible. 

Once done send it off and we will be in touch once we have read it.


Decide on the theme

We will send you an email that will help guide you through the initial stages. It forms a template that you can complete which helps us both understand the important elements you desire and what you want to achieve.

(A word of caution: From experience we find that these things evolve, change and grow, don't agonise about it too much).

Complete the template and return to us when done.


Set a time for a meeting. 

Allocate the time for the first two meetings. This is important for getting things done properly and on time.

To complete this successfully we need to allocate time and commit to certain tasks. We will be requiring some things from your side, copy/information, images, logos, details of contact people, numbers, addresses, product descriptions and a bunch of other specs. That's it.

Take action here.

Once we receive your enquiry we will forward you a "Template" which will help prompt you to outline your plan. 

What Our Users Are Saying:

Our website helps a great deal in answering clients queries. It also allows me to position my offer in a way that brings me work I want and avoid those jobs I don't. The integration to social media has also been a great help.

Q Austin - CEO, Process Chemetics

Q Austin Process Chemetics

We deal with a lot of people. Having our products online saves us hours every month.  We also get a steady stream of prospects as a result of our SEO tactics, which is great. Our search results continue to climb.

R Holmes - Retail Printers

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